Friday, November 1, 2013

Bill Maher hates Film Fans

And this, from a long-time "fan" of Bill Maher (in all his Incarnations).

Over the years, I've lost count of the number of times I scrambled for the MUTE button watching his programs, when Bill starts discussing a new film, for fear of his ruining it for me.

But tonite, to this credit, there was actually a Spoiler Warning and I hit "mute" in time...then, after watching the various Panel members' (and esp Maher's) gesticulations, I figured it was "safe" to return to Audio...

And I was right...

...for less than 30 seconds!

At which point douchebag Maher blurted out a significant Plot Point for a film I was looking forward to seeing, GRAVITY.

Now, I have to wait long enuff to FORGET THAT I KNOW the Blurted-Out-Spoiler, or else just Never Watch the damn movie BECAUSE I KNOW THE ENDING!!!!

Reminds me (in this case, the problem's reversed) of Mickey Spillane's famous response to an idiot-Publisher's remark that "it wouldn't matter" if the Pee (sic, and obviously quote is a paraphrase) CUT any number of pages from Mick's book...

Spillane said, "OK, I'll give you my next book and cut Only One Word from it to prove my point."

And he did so...the end-line, after building up to Revealing the Murderer, was:

"And she was a ___."

(The key being, the Murderer had dressed as a woman, so "SHE" was a "HE".)

So, you know what, Bill Maher and all like-minded jerks who revel in spoiling stories for your audience?

Fawk U, BM (gee, that also abbreviates to Bowel appropriate).

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